The Makings of Small Talk

Growing up, I remember there being only three things that I have ever wanted to be: 1) an artist, 2) a doctor, and 3) a therapist. Ironically, while it hasn't looked exactly as I expected, I've been able to become all three. 

My work as a counselor the last four years has been so rewarding. I've seen individuals, couples, families, and groups make major changes that have helped them to become their best possible selves. Likewise, as I wrap up my academic training as a future counselor educator, I can only hope that I will also impact the lives of my students and assist them in becoming caring, knowledgeable, and efficient therapists. My dreams have become a reality. 


Indeed, the artistic nature of therapy is almost magical. Being able to provide support to people when they need it most takes creativity, abstract thinking, and skill. In developing the idea for Small Talk Counseling & Consulting, I knew I wanted to have a practice that was both contemporary and classic, invigorating yet soothing. My goal was to be the best counselor possible, while helping as many individuals as I could. With this dream now becoming a reality, it has been amazing to witness the number of lives that have been changed because they knew they deserved to experience the best life possible. That, my friends, is true artistry: seeing beauty in all things, even pain and difficulty. 

As we prepare to open our doors and start a new journey alongside our clients, we embrace all of the experiences that are on the way and look forward to co-creating many masterpieces that will last a lifetime. The journey won't always be easy, but it will definitely be with it, which is why "It's Talk That Counts."