An Ode to Winning


Everyone wants to be a WINNER.

A winner never QUITS…

When I think about winning I like to think that I have won the jackpot when it comes to DAUGHTERS.

All throughout her schooling she has excelled and won at every hand she has been dealt. Even though it was not always easy, she was able to RISE UP! She has always showed RESPECT for herself and others, INTEGRITY in all that she says and does, her SELF-DETERMINATION is through the roof, and she has definitely stayed ENGAGED with every task at hand and the goals she has set for herself. It has at times been UNBELIEVABLE to watch where dreams and goals have taken her. Who says PERSEVERANCE doesn't pay-off?








Being connected by blood to this WINNER has brought great pride and joy to my life. So if there's someone in your life that needs encouragement to stay the course, don't hesitate to support them in their efforts because you won't ever know what that potential winner in your life might become someday.

I believe that God plus one is the majority, and that that is the key ingredient to winning. Every day that God allows you to see another day is an opportunity to get it right. STAY ENCOURAGED, and remember it is always a good idea to have a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk things over with. The talk can start small, and that's okay because, “It`s Talk that Counts.”