Seasons Change

Yesterday the twig was brown and bare;

To-day the glint green is there;

Tomorrow will be leaflets spare;


I know no thing so wonderous fair,

No miracle so strangely rare.

I wonder what will next be there!

-L. H. Bailey

Do you tend to embrace change or do you resist the changes that life throws you way? You know, life is just like seasons. We have to go through stages of life to get from birth, childhood, adolescence to adulthood and each stage brings us something valuable in order to get us to the next stop on the journey of life. So embrace each stage along the way to help you live a more productive and prosperous kind of life without REGRETS. Let the seasons of your life bring you to a point where you have to reevaluate yourself and ask yourself some tough questions such as: Are you planning properly at the of each stage? Are you making good decisions with what you know are the right things to do? Are you accomplishing the goals you’ve set? And finally, are you taking advantage of opportunities that are presented to you in timely manner?

 If you have taken the time to reevaluate yourself and you don’t like the answers you are getting to the questions, MAKE A CHANGE! Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk; and make the kind of changes you need to in response to what you want and need for your life. “To thine own self be true.” Changes often make us leave our comfort zone and push us into the place we have been resisting. Sometimes you just have to let go, stop fighting and go with the change. It just might be the next thing to move you into the missing piece of life you’ve been waiting on.

So, YESTERDAY is gone, TODAY is here, and TOMORROW might be too LATE.


Let’s talk it over.

- Amanda