Episode 18: “Let’s Talk About Love, Relationships, & Mental Health”

As the threat of the end of #summer approaches, there is always time for a fresh start and planning for new beginnings, even when it comes to #love.

Research tells us that there can be both positive and negative residuals of love's impact on mental health. While romantic partnerships can be a source of support and #balance, it can also be challenging and stressful. Even under the best possible circumstances, things like communication problems, trust issues, and conflict can plague even the strongest #relationships.

Tune in as we chat live from #TheEmeraldCouch this week with our two special guests, Ms. Teresia Greer & Mr. Jared Williams, and discuss all things #nonnegotiables, #spirituality, and #mentalhealth within love and relationships.

Episode 17 : ”Small Talk: Bridging the Mental Health Gap Across the Medical Community”

August is here and #summer is still in full affect! This week we are joined by our favorite Baton Rouge-based, community health nurse, Mrs. Nicole Scott to discuss bridging the divide between #mentalhealth and medical practitioners. Research and the literature tells us that there is a connection and positive correlation between physical health (medication management, proper nutrition, holistic care) and mental health (cognitive flourishing, increased self-esteem, productivity). So what are we missing? Can’t we all just get along?! We think so and will talk all about it this week!

Nikki is also the founder of Nikki Scott, Inc., which is the sponsor of the popular #YogaNoirProject and #RUOK programs and will share more about what's next for each of those initiatives. Tune in now to learn more!

Episode 16 : “What About the Children?”: Kid-Friendly Mental Health Services

Children’s mental health concerns are real, common and treatable. Although one in five children has a diagnosable mental health problem, nearly two-thirds of them get little or no help. Untreated mental health problems can disrupt children’s functioning at home, school and in the community. Without treatment, children with mental health issues are at increased risk of school failure, contact with the criminal justice system, dependence on social services, and even suicide (www.mentalhealthamerica.net).

Tune in as we are joined this week by Mrs. Rakima Dolliole Parson who is a Licensed Professional Counselor, School-Based Clinical Therapist, and Owner of Centered Counseling and Consulting, LLC in Austin, TX. Listen as she and Dr. Poole discuss her clinical passion for working with children and utilizing #playtherapy, what #mentalhealth looks like when you're #growingupblack, and some of the disparities we see in getting children the services they need in order to flourish.

Episode 15: #InMyFeelings: Overcoming Rejection

As we continue our July discussions of Minority Mental Health Month, this week we explore the most common emotional wound all of us experience and often sustain in our daily lives: rejection. Currently, the viral Drake song, #InMyFeelings explores how the question of shared affection and commitment between two people can make or break a relationship. But what if that person isn't "riding" or "down for you always?"

Rejection can occur in relationships (unrequited love), workplaces (not getting that job or promotion you applied for), entrepreneurship (difficulty raising startup capital, unresponsive buyer community), etc. Regardless of the setting, the emotion feels the same when unchecked. So take a seat on The Emerald Couch as we discuss how the common experience of rejection, when properly processed, can lead to deeper levels of determination, grit, self-confidence, and greater opportunities.

Episode 14: “¡Salud!: A Toast to Mental & Emotional Health”

We are continuing our discussions in acknowledgement of #MinorityMentalHealthAwarenessMonth for the entire month of July! This week we're highlighting the efforts of Mental Health America (MHA)and their #MyStoryMyWay campaign and proposing a toast to being fearless about seeking support when needed, to erasing stigma in our own circles about defining mental health and shedding labels, and to feeling empowered to speak up on behalf of ourselves and those who cannot in an effort to raise the bar on the conversation around mental health and wellness. ¡Salud!

There's also a brief discussion about popular OWN series, "Love Is____" and it's connection to #mentalhealth and #wellness! Tune in now!