Episode 16 : “What About the Children?”: Kid-Friendly Mental Health Services

Children’s mental health concerns are real, common and treatable. Although one in five children has a diagnosable mental health problem, nearly two-thirds of them get little or no help. Untreated mental health problems can disrupt children’s functioning at home, school and in the community. Without treatment, children with mental health issues are at increased risk of school failure, contact with the criminal justice system, dependence on social services, and even suicide (www.mentalhealthamerica.net).

Tune in as we are joined this week by Mrs. Rakima Dolliole Parson who is a Licensed Professional Counselor, School-Based Clinical Therapist, and Owner of Centered Counseling and Consulting, LLC in Austin, TX. Listen as she and Dr. Poole discuss her clinical passion for working with children and utilizing #playtherapy, what #mentalhealth looks like when you're #growingupblack, and some of the disparities we see in getting children the services they need in order to flourish.